Vibro Shape Slimming Belt | Slimming Belt |

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Product details of Vibro Shape Slimming Belt – Black

  • Multi-Functions, strong revolving vibration.
  • 3 modes.
  • 5 levels speed adjustable.
  • Forward/Reverse function can reduce fat properly.
  • Used for arm, thigh, calf, abdomen, waist, etc
  • Time preset function, easy to use.

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Vibro Shape Slimming Belt

Vibro Shape Slimming Belt is a “professional vibrating belt” that helps tone muscles in areas such as the abdominals, buttocks, thighs, shoulders, and calves. This fitness belt is claimed to break down fat cells, improve blood circulation and increase muscle strength. It fits waists ranging from 24 to 55 inches. It has five low-power and five high-power setting options. It comes with a remote for ease of use. You simply strap it on and use it for 10 minutes each day. We are not sure when the Vibro Shape was first released. This fitness device is easy to travel with and it can be used by women and men alike. We found it listed for sale at Walmart, but it is no longer available. Get the perfect body that you’ve always dreamed of with this Vibro Shape Slimming Belt. This multifunction massage belt has a unique heating function that utilizes palpitating movements to slim and tone different parts of the body. It also aids in curing rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid bone. Vibro Shib Massage to melt belly fat and slimming and slimming and tightening of the laxatives can be used for buttocks and buttocks works. The Vibro body and waist slimming belt are designed to help you achieve that ideal figure. It can be used on the legs, waist, and other body parts conveniently. The belt massages efficiently, promoting blood circulation and accelerating the breakdown of fat, thus helping you achieve weight loss quicker. Correspondingly, it also stimulates blood flow and eliminates pain and stress with the reduction of occurrences in lactic acid. This slimming belt also helps indigestion, by massaging your abdominal area. You can adjust the massage intensities to ensure maximum satisfaction and gain better returns. the online giant leads you to the easy, Elegant and classy, fashion-forward, magnificent, shimmering way of online shopping that all you need 

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