Reusable Cockroach Trapper Trap |

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Reusable Cockroach Trapper Trap

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  • Steps:
  • 1. Open the packaging and take apart into its constituent pieces
  • 2. Put cockroach’s favorite food in the middle groove. (eg. biscuit, crisps)
  • 3.Assembled three pieces into a whole
  • 4.Placed in areas frequented by cockroaches (eg. under furniture & equipment)
  • 5.After the trapping.
  • a)Use the water, make cockroaches drowned.
  • b)Put the trap in the sun, cockroaches will die in half an hour
  • Package Includes:
  • 1 x Coachroach Trap

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Reusable Cockroach Trapper Trap

The Reusable Cockroach Trapper Trap box is a reusable biologic cockroach trap. So The cockroaches will be caught in a physical way and there\’s no need for poisons such as boric-acid spray. This cockroach house is made of high-quality plastic and steel material, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Ideal for capturing annoying home insects like cockroaches, spiders, ants, and other bugs.No electricity, no ultrasound, no electromagnetism, and no extra noise. So All you need to do is to put the bait into the box, cover the lid, and then just place the cockroach trap where the cockroach usually crawls, like the kitchen.

Most Importantly, Made of grade non-toxic plastic material, safe and durable. So With 4 one-way trap doors, so roaches enter into the trap but cannot leave.No electricity and batteries required.  protect your home in a natural and eco-friendly way. Triple layers design allows you to catch the maximal amount of roaches as they enter the bottom. So Effectively protect your health, your food, your clothes and your home away from these unwanted cockroaches.

however, Able to quickly trap cockroaches. Suitable for kitchen, restaurant, hotel, etc.Safe, non-toxic, reusable, no pollution, best gift to keep the house clean. Ideal for home use and does not need to operate with the power source. Convenient for catch cockroach, just put it where the cockroach usually crawls, like the kitchen. the online giant leads you to the easy, Elegant and classy, fashion-forward, magnificent, shimmering way of online shopping that all you need.

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