Pinter Facil | Paint Roller Kit |

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Pinter Facil

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  • This product comes with extension poles/rods which allow you the freedom & flexibility to extend up to 37″ for those hard to reach areas such as stairs hallways, ceilings and etc
  • The paint is stored inside the roller, removing the need for trays or going up and down ladders to refill
  • It is the smart decorating tool that will save time and effort, enabling you to paint a room quicker than ever before

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Pinter Facil

Pinter Facil Paint Roller Kit

  •    High quality
  •     Made from durable material
  •     unique design
  •     Full length 720cm
  •     Aluminum Tube Size: 72cm
  •     Cup Size: high 15cm,wide 8cm
  •     Big Brush: 19*9*20cm

Saving time & avoid the mess

Product Description How to color your home in a practical and enjoyable way with Pıntar Facıl?So  Dipping, dropping, scattering. Paint in a short time without difficulty, fatigue Paint. more walls more easily and in a shorter time. So Pıntar Facıl is a practical paint assembly that can work alone and you can paint without dripping. It is as practical as anyone can. All you have to do is open the roller and fill the paint. After this simple process, you are ready to paint

Product Features: So There is an internal tank to distribute the paint evenly. Unlike conventional paint rollers, it eliminates drip problems. So With the extension apparatus, you can easily paint high places. Very easy to clean and use. SoThe roller brush is made of premium quality wool material and the handles are made of quality plastic. Available at any time of year. Product Usage: So Mix 1/10 water and 9/10 paint in the paint filling container. So Open the desired length roller and empty as much paint as you need.

Move the roller slowly over the wall. It has a 1lt of paint capacity. It can only be used with water-based paints. the online giant leads you to the easy, Elegant and classy, fashion-forward, magnificent, shimmering way of online shopping that all you need.

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