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  • Nicer Cutter in hand format.
  • The smallest of all can be operated with one hand and thanks to its compact size, it is ideal for on the go.
  • Thick slices, thin slices, cubes, pins and sixth!
  • Cut directly into the pot, pan or bowl.
  • Collection container with a fresh lid for cutting directly into it and storing safely.

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Nicer Dicer Quick

New Nicer Quick 5-in-1 Dicer Fruit and Vegetable Cutter Set The different blade inserts can be combined, cut thick slices, thin slices, cubes, and sixths. Lemons and more! So With this Fruits And Vegetables Cutter, you can cut directly into the pan, bowl or pot: For speed and flexibility without great effort and dirt in the kitchen.

Or click the collection container on the handset – so for direct cutting in! With the freshness cover, you can keep the remaining airtight. This is the perfect kitchen helper for quick and healthy meals in an instant. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe. Works up to 10x faster than using your old knives. Snap-on perfect portion container with the fresh-keeping lid. Combines five interchangeable slicing options into one handheld slicer, so the quick-lock function for safe, compact storage. Specifications:Color: Orange as shown.Material: Extra-sharp and reinforced stainless steel blades in G-NOX quality.

Knife cuts are messy and uneven, and all that countertop clutter leaves you with endless cutting boards. Knives, and containers to clean. Introducing the all-new Nicer Dicer Quick, the incredible compact handheld kitchen slicer that quick cuts your vegetables up to ten times faster with just one simple snap. the online giant leads you to the easy, Elegant and classy, fashion-forward, magnificent, shimmering way of online shopping that all you need.

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