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IGlove For Smart Phones

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  • Conductive material interwoven into fingertips allows the wearer to use touchscreen devices.
  • Compatible with capacitive touchscreen devices, including the iPad and iPhone
  • Will not scratch or damage your screen
  • Hand washes in cool water only. Reshape whilst damp

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IGlove For Smart Phones

Glove for IPad, Smart Phones & Other Touch Phones For those who work outside or plan on using touchscreen technology in low temperatures, normal gloves are not convenient. If you wear normal woven gloves, your hands are warm but you cannot work a device. However, if you take the gloves off to work a device you end up with. Uncomfortably and sometimes painfully cold fingers. With the I Glove though, you get the best of both worlds. The innovative design and conductive material used for the “touch tips” make the iGlove the future of touchscreen technology. Combining technological functionality with everyday practicality.

Description iGlove for iPhone, iPad, Smart Phones & Other Touch Screens:
iGlove for iPhone, iPad, Smart Phones & Other Touch Screens lets you use the touchscreen technology at low temperatures also keeps your hands warm. This innovative design with a conductive material used for the touch tips makes the iGlove convenient for cold winter days and fashionable clothing items with technology in addition.

Features of iGlove for iPhone, iPad, Smart Phones & Other Touch Screens:
It has conductive material interwoven into fingertips to use touchscreen devices
Works with capacitive touchscreen devices like iPad and iPhone
It does not scratch and damages your screen
Washable with cool water only
One stretchable size

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