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Details OF Electric Hot Water Tap

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  • The main material: environmental refined copper + ABS engineering plastics
  • The inlet way: under the in-fluent
  • Surface treatment: multiple plating
  • Spool: Diamond level Ceramic spool
  • Heating tube: high-purity copper liner heating element
  • Cord Length: about 1.5 m

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Electric Hot Water Tap

Electric Hot Water Tap Provides hot water instantly when connected to a cold water supply and an electric feed. Designed for hand washing, maintains a safe and comfortable water temperature.. Easy to install and connect to a cold water supply and electric fee. Suitable for direct connection to a 13 Amp plug (supplied) or can be wired to a fused spur. Direct replacement, suitable to replace most existing mixer taps.

The Plug-in Mixer Tap from Regrind offers a simple, yet highly effective and efficient solution to an every day need.

It is a mixer tap that, as the name suggests can plug into any domestic. UK plug socket or fused spur,So providing instant hot water for hand washing anywhere that it is needed. The tap has been designed to replace an existing mixer tap with the added advantage. that it requires only a cold-water feed and heats the water at point of use. eliminating the need for a hot water supply or storing hot water.

Not limited to water supplies driven through a fixed pipe within a property such as a kitchen, bathroom or utility, the tap will also work with a hose pipe or subject to the correct plumbing fittings being installed attached to a water filled barrel, highlighting its versatility.

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