Baby Rocking Chair Version-2 |

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  • Suitable from birth
  • 5-position backrest
  • Toy bar with various shaped hanging soft toys
  • Head hugger
  • Rocking or static base option

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Baby Rocking Chair Version-2

Baby Rocking Chair Version-2  is a convenient seat for feeding or playing! It starts out as an infant rocker or stationary seat with bat-at entertainment overhead. Then, as your baby grows. You can easily remove the toy bar and convert the seat to a toddler rocker (up to 40 lbs). And with two comfy recline positions, calming vibrations, and a machine-washable seat pad, what\’s not to love? Where development comes into play.  Gross Motor: As tiny ones reach and bat-at the overhead toys, they\’re strengthening those all-important gross motor skills. Security & Happiness: A comfy seat and calming vibrations help soothe babies.

It is a versatile, relatively inexpensive piece of baby equipment that your baby can use from day one. It\’s especially helpful in the early days as a safe place to lay your newborn while you grab a bite to eat or take a shower. Baby rocking chair Version -2 suitable for 0-36 months & flexible storage, three-point seat belt care for baby safety.

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